Having Ilonggo roots, I naturally have a sweet tooth. I remember my lola always had a wide variety of desserts available after each meal, meals that would actually last the whole day. Today is her birthday and I’m pretty sure, if she were still alive today, she would definitely love these Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez.

I was searching the web for the perfect dessert to bring to a family get together and I stumbled upon this very organized and well developed site. Yes, we are suckers for neat websites. But the thing that caught my attention the most were the pictures of the different flavored brazo bars featured in the site. Of course by the url: supremebrazobars.com, you would know that the main product offering were these delicious looking bars.

I immediately emailed the owner to order two of each of these bars since we were bringing one set to the party and another set for our own consumption. The order was ready for pick up the next day! That was great news since this was in time for the party.

Supreme Brazo Bars | ManilaReviews.com

Supreme Brazo Bars | ManilaReviews.com

There are around 13 flavors for the brazo bars: Classic, Copaco Mango, Strawberry sunrise, Aloha Banana, Macapuno Summer Breeze, Toasted Coconut Kiss, Hula Macadamia, Tropical Cashew Crunch, Walnut Wonder, Peach Beach Party, Pistachio Festival, Heavenly Hazelnut and Almond Shindig. Each bar costs around 40 to 70 pesos depending on the flavor. These brazo bars are baked just right, with just the right amount of sugar — not to sweet nor lacking in flavor. These bars’ consistency is just right, as well — not too soggy nor too hard. The amount of nuts/fruits is also quite generous so you’re sure to get a flavorful mouthful with each bite. It’s nice to order each flavor since a bite of each is a pleasant surprise!

Supreme Brazo Bar | ManilaReviews.com

Supreme Brazo Bar

We also got to try the Chocolate Chip cookies. These are whole wheat cookies with big chunk of Valrhona chocolate! My husband couldn’t keep his hands of these chewy cookies.

Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies | ManilaReviews.com

Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies

Contact Details
Supreme Brazo Bars
Tel. No.: 722-5638 or 359-3001.
Store Location:
Parvati Dessert Shop, Ground Floor Trinoma QC.
Business Address:
62-B 9th Street, Rolling Hills Village, New Manila, Quezon City
Website: http://supremebrazobars.com/

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