It just occurred to me that some blogosphere and social networking linggo may not be that familiar to some people – like my mom! A term that has recently sprung out and is now one of the highly used words is ‘jejemon’. Use it as a noun or an adjective, it doesn’t matter since since it stirs up one to listen or to ask what the he%#! Is that term?

So what is a jejemon? I’m here to search the web for the proper explanation.

Or in Jejemon … sO wT iz~ A~ jeJeMoN, n0h? IM~ here 2 searCh D~ web for d PROPeR eXPlAN2n~ P0wh.

I got this explanation from

– a person WhO tyPeZ lYKeS tH1s pfOuh..
whether you are RICH, MIDDLE CLASS or POOR ifpK eU tYpE L1K3 tHiS pfOuh..eU are CONSIDERED AS JEJEMON.
– (noun or adj.)—a person who is very expert in typing..
– a person that never gets tired of typing consonants in all of his comments…
– people with very LOW IQ
– a person that destroys the morale of language in any typing media like internet,cellphones…etc…
– a person you want to fuck off and kill
– an emo/gangster who owns all the possible negative qualities of a person.
– is the derrogative term used for a certain categorized kind of people.They type JEJEJE or JEJEJE when they want to express laughing in written words, which happen more than often. This is why we call them jejes.
JEJE – Similar to hehehe but more like a naughty chuckle coming from the back of your throat.

So now that you know what Jejemon is according to, I was actually amazed to have discovered this site: site picture

Want to be a Cerified Jejemon?

You can download badges, join a logo contest for, join the jejepolls or this very amazing feature, use the translator! You can also get your own email,!

Want to be part of this community? I see it as a great skill! If you want to practice skills to be a certified jejemon? Check out these sites and learn!

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