Emir - A Film By Chito S. Rono | ManilaReviews.com

Emir - A Film By Chito S. Rono | ManilaReviews.com

I love watching movies and I love getting in the cinema early so that I get to watch the trailers. One of them starts with a very Filipina looking girl that is obviously about to sing — “Lupang Hinirang,” I think. And it’s not. A movie? Yes it is!

“Emir” tells the story of Amelia, an Ilocana who (like a lot of Filipinos) goes abroad to find a job and (not like a lot of Filipinos) becomes a nanny of a Middle Eastern royal family. It’s directed by noted director Chito Roño and stars Francheska Farr.

This is definitely a movie I’ll be watching when it comes out. WHEN it comes out — I’m not so sure. According to the FDCC website, 1st quarter for 2010 but it’s already May? (Or was it already shown and i was too busy with Clash of the Titans and Iron Man 2?)

In any case, I’m hoping the music by Gary Granada, Jerry Gracio, and Rody Vera turns back the tide of K-pop and the awful crap sung on Philippine daytime variety shows. Also I’m pretty sure we’ll see a stage spin-off of this movie so that should set the local theater scene ablaze again.

Here’s the trailer:

Can’t wait to see it!

EDIT: The movie opens on June 9, 2010 NATIONWIDE!

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12 Responses

  1. joyce

    I very very love watching EMIR MOVIE every month.It is very historical movie for children and for adults.

  2. sharmaine rodriguez

    super ganda talaga ng emir..promixe!!!
    galing pa ni amelia ..haha!!!para yan xa mga ofw!!!
    we love u amelia ang boyong haha!!!

  3. Ginger

    Hey Rey!

    Thanks mucho! You? Why aren't you part of it? :) sana nag-audition ka tapos gawa kami video blog with you as interviewee! ;)

  4. reyjr

    Heyy! A friend of mine is in the cast of this movie! I was pleasantly surprised to see your feature here. =) Will be watching this too! :)

  5. richie

    when i see he trailer in the cinemas i would admit that this really seems interesting. i just don't want to be too optimistic as local movies tend to be more of a disappointment. when kimi dora came out i was excited to see it since everybody's talking about how funny it was. it was funny. but not so much. it was better than other local movies of the same genre but i guess our exposure to lots of other comedy movies and shows should make it better.

    • ej

      Thanks for the comment, Richie! I have to agree with you on Kimi Dora. There were moments but it didn't really transcend that slapstick comedy we just seem to be stuck with. I'm hopeful with this one though — it's the first Filipino musical so it has no local precedent. :)


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