It’s a holiday and once again, if you happen to get the chance to go to Megamall, Stick House already opened its new store at the basement of Megamall A. It is right beside the surplus shop.

When it comes to a certain time of year, when the sun is shinning there is nothing nicer than getting out and about. After a busy day at school if you are a child, or at work if you are an executive at a place like foxybingo, is there a nicer way to relax than by going to the mall? And on top of that getting an ice cream really is the cherry on top.

Ice cream is one of those things that is loved by both old and young. There is just something so refreshing and delicious about lovely flavoured ice cream when it is so warm outside. If you haven’t been yet you’ll love the variety you’ll find there. It really takes eating ice cream to a whole new level.

For those who are unfamiliar with this, read our previous post on Stick House in this site :) Happy eating!

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