For me, one of the disadvantages of working in a corporate environment is that we have to wear really hot and layered clothes, especially during the summer. Imagine wearing a think blazer on top of corporate blouses with matching thick slacks. Men have to wear long sleeved polos with neck ties or barongs. We hate walking under the sun in the months of March and April!

But one thing that you have got to try if you feel this icky, sweaty feeling during lunch break is the new Figaro Summer Frost. It’s very refreshing and it comes in three delicious flavors: Peach Lychee Sunrise, Green Apple Cucumber Whirl and Watermelon Grape Breeze (Php 125).

Figaro Summer Frost

When we had our first encounter with these Summer Frosts, my husband and I were with a friend. We decided to order one each so that we can try each flavor. Both my friend and I were thinking if the Green Apple taste complemented the taste of Cucumber so we were hesitant to try it. My husband loved apple so he still wanted to order that. When we all tried the three flavors, believe it or not, the Green Apple Cucumber Whirl was our top choice. It wasn’t too sweet and it was very refreshing. For those who love lychee, the Peach Lychee Sunrise Summer Frost had a unique taste as well. It was also delicious. We found the Watermelon Grape Breeze too sweet though.

Do try these enticing beverages when you do get to drop by a Figaro Coffee Shop!

Smoked Farmer's Ham

Grilled Chicken

Tuna & Cheese

Also, I think the sandwiches of Figaro would go well with these drinks. We tried the Chicken Ceasar (Php 199), the Tuna and Cheese Sandwich (Php 179) and the Smoked Farmer’s Ham Sandwich (Php 179). We also tried the Ham and Cheese Melts. For the cheese lovers, you will definitely enjoy any variant of the melts that they have. Each one is topped with cheese that melts in your mouth.

The Tuna and Cheese was our favorite. It had a honey mustard sauce but you could actually taste the cheese that was included. Actually, the other two were also good. I loved the Chicken Ceasar. It had a very subtle taste but how the chicken was cooked was just right. It also had strips of bacon on top of the chicken. The chicken was very filling. My husband loved the ham. For those who are into meat, we think that you would enjoy this sandwich. All their sandwiches come with a side salad and each one was very filling. Sandwiches will make you very full and you won’t feel like you were short changed.

So do drop by your nearest Figaro Coffee shop and do try these delectable sandwiches together with the new Summer Frosts!

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    I've tried the summer frost na with the GCs i got courtesy of Manila reviews :) i like the peach lychee the best!


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