Simple, Delicious Dessert
A hot day… Happy but weird colleagues…McDonald’s two new sundaes… the perfect combination for a great, relaxing lunch.

I first saw the two new variants while driving thru the McDonalds in Newport City yesterday. I saw the order panel which was brightly lighted and it was enticingly calling out my name, but it was almost 11 in the evening and I didn’t want to break my vow not to have snacks at night.

So today, I shared the news to two of my officemates and we rushed to McDonald’s in Ortigas. We got to order both flavors.

The sundaes were vanilla flavored which had either blueberry or the strawberry syrup in between two layers. When I told my friends about it, I mentioned that I thought it had almond slices or muesli bits. Well, it looked like that in the lighted panel. Unfortunately, it was topped not by almonds, but by bits of chocolate wafer sticks. When I asked my friend, Reena, what she thought of it, she pushingly mentioned that I quote her in this review “I don’t like it… I LOVE IT!”. The Strawberry sundae was sweeter than the Blueberry sundae, but both were delicious.

This is a simple yet delicious dessert that you should try. You might love it, too!

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  1. Ann

    my officemates and I tried these sundaes yesterday after going to work…the crushed stick-o is on top give crunch to the sundae and it's not the common stick-o placed on your ice cream…

  2. Manila Reviews

    Hey, ann!thanks for the tip. We'll try it one of these days. We'll take note of the name. A lot of readers have been asking for more dessert reviews.

  3. Ann

    hi again! i know a dessert place that's close to me. It just opened last December. it is just behind our office bldg. i wish i can go with you when you visit Maitre Chocolatier Boutique…dessert trip(",)

  4. Manila Reviews

    Hi ann!Sure, we will feature more desserts! :) Do drop by often!


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