We have another winner folks!

The winner is Ann!

Ann, we have your email, we’ll be in touch to send you your prize. :-)

We sincerely thank everybody who left a comment and are part of this blog’s community. Thank you thank you thank you! :-)

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography.

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6 Responses

  1. ann

    sorry, i haven't made my post yet… having trouble with the pics upload…

    btw, i wish you could also have a Facebook fan page to create an MR community and gain more readers for this wonderful blog (",)

  2. ann

    MR team,

    nice meeting you guys! and thanks a lot for the prize. i'll make a post about it this weekend (",)

  3. Ann

    wow, thank you very much!!!starbucks syrup + stickhouse ice cream, that would be great!!!again, MR, thanks a lot!more power (more food reviews) to your blog(",)


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