Japanese Style Curry

Have you ever tried a Japanese – Styled Curry dish? Then, you must not have eaten at Curry Curry House!

We are a fan of spicy and curry-style food. But of course, we could not imagine that a particular restaurant can have several variants of curry dishes. We’re used to the usual — chicken curry, pork curry, lamb curry — so we were interested to see the menu at Curry Curry House. The variety did not disappoint: they had at least more than ten curry dishes. They had Tori Chicken Curry, Crispy US Beef Curry, and Salmon Teriyaki Curry. Price range for these dishes ranged from P170 to P250. All these types of curry dishes can come in Super Bento Boxes at P295.

Of course, we tried the Super Bento Box. We ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Curry and the US Beef Teriyaki Curry. The Super Bento Box came with Miso Soup, Salad, a block of Tofu, 2 thin slices of Orange and Iced Tea.

Chicken Teriyaki Curry
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box

US Beef Teriyaki Curry
US Beef Teriyaki Bento Box

We both loved the Miso Soup. It was a good starter for warming the tummy before the main course. The side salad was unforgetful. The sauce was what the waiter called ‘Kojihau sauce’. The salad was actually just a mixture of basic vegetables but the sauce was the brilliant addition. The tofu was okay; not that exemplary.

The chicken and the beef were both breaded and fried. Both were then topped with Teriyaki sauce. The palm sized meats were placed on top of thick curry sauce. The treatment was pretty much the same for both the chicken & beef. The customer has a choice of either hot, mild or a non-spicy curry sauce. I chose the mildly spicy sauce, EJ got the hot sauce.

The chicken was delicious, but doesn’t really stand out from the other chicken teriyaki I’ve tasted. EJ said the same thing about the US Beef — not that much different from your normal beef teriyaki.

It was, nonetheless, delicious and filling. One order of the Super Bento Box can last you until dinner. For those who like spicy food, this is a restaurant that you can keep coming back to.

They also offer other dishes. They have the normal Japanese dishes in the menu, from Teriyaki to Teppanyaki. In my next visit, I would probably try the Hausu Angus Burger. They also have Omu Rice (Japanese Rice Omelette), and Ramen.

Expect to pay around Php 200 to Php 350 for your visit. We find the restaurant a little bit expensive though. They could have priced it a little lower, probably around the Php 200 range only.

The service was also very good. The waiters were attentive. The place was very clean, as well. Located in the new wing of Megamall, it’s in the far right corner of the third floor.

I would come back since this is the only restaurant in town with this kind of fusion.

Contact details:
Curry Curry House
3rd Level Megamall,
The Atrium

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