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I miss Fazolis. I used to eat there when I frequented the gym in Eastwood, but ever since I started working in Ortigas, I hardly get to eat there anymore. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to have bumped into this Italian Fastfood restaurant in Trinoma. They say that this restaurant was opened last mid-2008.

Bigoli has the ambiance of Fazolis. The food even tastes the same. I wonder if they have the same owners? On the menu were the usual Italian choices of Pizza and Pasta. They also had garlic breadsticks that they gave to the customers as an appetizer while waiting for the food.

Bigoli's Pizza
1. Bigoli’s Supremo, 2. Cheese Overload

We ordered a slice of Cheese Overload (Php 65) and Bigoli’s Supremo (Php 90). We were actually disappointed not to see any Margherita Pizza on their menu. Both pizza slices were on a thin crust. It was nothing exemplary. The Bigoli’s Supremo was topped with pepperoni slices, veggies, etc. It tasted similar to Pizza Hut’s Super Supreme but on a thinner crust.


The Italian Chicken was good though. It was breaded deep fried chicken with crispy and crunchy skin topped with Italian tomato sauce with Rosemary spices. The chicken can be served with rice at Php 130, Marinara at Php 150, Al Pesto at Php 170 and Fetuccini Carbonara at Php 170. I ordered it with the Pesto pasta. The pasta was al dente with just the right amount of pesto sauce. It was a good complement for the Italian Chicken with strong flavors of spices, since the Pesto pasta’s taste was subtle.


We also ordered the Bacon Stromboli at Php 120. These are small maki-like rolls of bread with tomato sauce and bacon inserted inside. It came with a small bowl of creamy Marinara sauce. At first, when I saw the dip, I thought that it wouldn’t go well with the stromboli, but when I tried it, it was just the right flavor to go with the rolls. The taste of the sauce had just the right amount of flavor to still have one focus on the taste of the stromboli. The bacon, though, was hardly noticeable. I think they should add more bacon to the bacon stromboli.

The place was not clean though. The floor wasn’t clean so my chair kept on sliding away from the table. It was so hard to keep still. Service-wise, the waiters were attentive enough. I also noticed that the waiter/server was also the one mopping the floors. I think the service would have been better (and more hygienic?) if they hired a dedicated ‘cleaner’ for the store.

So if by chance you happen to pass by for merienda, try out their chicken. Nothing exemplary but it’s a filling meal nonetheless that’s light on the wallet.

Contact Details:
4th Level Trinoma
Tel. No.: 901-5742

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4 Responses

  1. Charlee

    Really nice ambience with their new branch in SM Annex…plus i left my ipod touch there and no one stole it..whew

  2. ej

    Hi Sunshine!

    Thanks for the tip. We'll try to drop by SM North soon :)

  3. Sunshine

    There's a new Bigoli in SM North EDSA Annex. Much better looking place. Their gelato are all good for just P50, my fave is the fragola.

  4. ron

    me likes! we frequented fazolis back in college since it was near, and of course for the free garlic bread hahaha!


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