Taste of Heaven in Every Scoop


It’s been a while since I’ve had a scoop of gelato. After a hearty meal in SM Megamall, we came across Angelati. We stopped to try it as the lady in the booth shouted out that she was giving out free tastes of any flavor. :)

We tried the Mango and the sort of caramelish flavored gelato, but it was too sweet for us. We ended up ordering the Chocolate and Cereals flavored gelato and the Hazelnut.

The Chocolate and Cereals was dark chocolate gelato with bits and pieces of rice puffs. It was actually quite delicious and each bite had a nice chewy texture. I had the Hazelnut gelato. It wasn’t too sweet and I enjoyed the nutty flavor.

One scoop is Php 70.00 for the signature and Php 90.00 for the premium. (Both flavors were premium.) They have a promo that you get a Green Tea gelato scoop for every two scoops. We tried the Green Tea, as well, and it was okay. It tasted like green tea but, strangely, it also tasted like the ‘cola’ round and hard candy I used to get when I went Trick or Treating when I was a kid.

They also sell pints and gallons in different supermarkets.

A great dessert for a hot day!


Contact Details:
Located at Megamall A,
1st Floor, near the activity area

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