There are a lot of new Filipino restaurants. One new restaurant right at the new Piazza in McKinley Hill is Kuse. Kuse is the local word for chef among the Tagalogs. The Kuse is incharge of organizing and aranging dishes for all salu-salos. It was our usual ‘salu-salo’ with my entire family as we celebrated the death anniversary of my Lola.

For our appetizer, we ordered “Something Chicki” Adobong Balot de Pateros (Php 140). I loved the Balot’s distinct flavor and presentation. I loved the adobo sauce – it was a bit sweet with a hint of garlic flavor.


For the vegetarian, you should not miss trying the Pinangat na Laing Bicolandia (Php 150). It was quite different since the sauce was a little bit sour. For those who want it spicy, this rendition of the dish may not be what you expect.


For our rice, we ordered garlic Dulong rice. You’ll see the little bits of dulong that adds flavor to the rice (Php 95). One order is for 3-4 people.


My two favorite main course dishes were the Fried Suckling Pig Lechon at 250 grams with the kinilaw na labanos, liver sauce and tomato salsa (Php 495) and the Pato Tim simmered in Tuba, which is Palm wine and pineapple (Php 295). The minute these two dishes were placed in our table, it was gone in a minute. For those who crave the crispy skin of lechon, you will love the Sucking Pig Lechon. The meat of this dish was also very flavorful and the pork’s meat was very tender. The skin went well with all three sauces, blending to make a unique flavor.

Fried Suckling Pig Lechon:

Pato Tim simmered in Tuba:

The pato tim was not dry at all. You will love the sauce that it came with. The order though was only good for two people (or was it because it was so delicious!).

We also ordered the Native Chicken in Coconut Cream (Php 295) with papaya and sili leaves. The sauce was a bit sour, as well. I loved the way they cooked the chicken. It was very tender.


We also ordered the Ox Tail Kare-Kare (Php 395). I loved it because it came with a lot of vegetables (being a veggie addict!). These dishes would be a great dish to go with hot and steamy rice.


The other thing that would be great to try in this place are the desserts. We ordered the following: Sapin-Sapin Creme Brulee (Php 110), Cheesy Cassava Cake with Ice Cream (Php 95), Leche Flan Napoleon (Php 95) and the Banana Lanka on filo with Caramel Sauce (Php 95). Our favorite was the Sapin-Sapin Creme Brulee. When it was served, I thought it was Crepe Samurai. It was served in an oval dish that made it look like such. When we tried it, it was delicious. The bottom portion of the dessert was made of real, ‘home made’ ube, kaong bits and other sahogs, which I wanted to identify but I would have to eat the whole plate! The condensed milk and cheese on top made it Creme Brulee. Everything was pretty good — perfect to top-off a great pinoy meal.

Kuse Desserts

Expect to pay around P300 per person. Parking is free (for now) in the Piazza parking.

Kuse can be found in the new Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig it can be found here:

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