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There are themed children’s parties. There are themed store window designs and there are even themed weddings (like ours, of course!). But there are not many restaurants with ‘themes’ to speak of. Themes for restaurants usually come with the type of cuisine they serve (Japanese, Filipino, etc.).
I got to chance upon one themed restaurant recently. This particular restaurant was inside a boat shaped structure. Il Pirata is such an eye catcher, as it is situated on the heart of Eastwood city. This is an Italian restaurant that offers pizza, pasta, etc.
Il Pirata Mosaic
Fresh from our trip from Italy, we were craving for authentic brick oven Margherita Pizza. We checked out the menu at Il Pirata and we were amazed that it was actually an Italian restaurant. In the few times that we were there, we only had a few late night drinks, and never bothered to check the menu for food.
When we entered, we noticed that it was a bit dark inside. I guess this was part of the theme. The seats though were amazing. Almost all of the interior were made from wood, and really gave the feeling that we were inside a ship. Some of the highlights were colored in gold.
We ordered the Pizza Margherita. What I liked about their pizza was that it was baked in a brick oven. They also use olive oil when they prepare their pizza. It is not also drenched in a lot of oil, so one can actually eat half a pizza. The crust is a bit crunchy and the thickness is just right.
Il Pirata
Il Pirata
You could actually see them bake your order. The window to the kitchen was glass and everything inside the kitchen can be seen. It was good to see that they kept their kitchen clean and neat.
There were not a lot of people in the restaurant. I suspect it’s because the restaurant was not that well lit. From the outside, the place seems small but it’s actually pretty big inside. They also accept reservations for parties and meetings.
If you want to have a unique and healthy pizza experience, come and try it out. Pirates and treasures await you!
Contact details:
Il Pirata
Eastwood City Walk
Telephone Number: 4211994 to 95
Fax number: 4211996
Email address:
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