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We’re back! During our trip, we actually thought of you, our readers. And yes, it was our honeymoon. That’s how much we care for you!

Since we care for you, we will be reviewing a lot of healthy alternatives in each of the restaurants in the metropolis.

It’s good to be back, but what I miss most about Italy is their pizza. Their pizza is baked in loads and loads of wood and they only use olive oil, and not butter. The cheese that they use for the really good pizza is buffalo cheese and their best seller is their Margherita Pizza, whose toppings are only basil leaves and fresh tomatoes. Their tomatoes are so juicy, that when you prick it with a fork, the juice spurts out.

I longed for it that why when we went to Serendra, we tried the Margarita Pizza in The Healthy Kitchen. Their version used tomato sauce, pesto sauce, fresh tomatoes and organic fresh mozzarella. It was also baked (in an oven though). I have to say, that it was pretty good, too! I loved that they places pesto sauce. The flavors blended well. The only thing that I noticed is that they serve the pizza sliced and when you remove a piece, the end part is a bit soggy so it droops. This is probably because the pizza is thin crust. They should thicken the crust (but just a little bit).

Pizza Margarita (Php 220.00)

We also ordered the Father oops Monsignor James Salad. By the way, cute name! The story, according to what was written on the menu, is that the friend priest of the owners combined two of the priest’s favorite on the menu at Brown Bag in Guam, pesto chicken and the mango salad. The priest is now a monsignor, that’s why they had to change the name. This dish is served with a house made berry vinaigrette. EJ loved the sauce.

Father oops Monsignor James Salad (Php 295.00)
Make it vegan with Pesto Tofu (Php 250.00)

I didn’t actually read this story until now in my camera but in the restaurant, when I first tried to analyze the dish, I wondered how such different tasting ingredients could not compete in taste. When I had my first mouthful, I was surprised that the different tastes did not clash. You should definitely try this dish. I saw why it was Father oops Monsignor James favorite salad.


Contact details:
The Healthy Kitchen
C 141 Serendra Place, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
Tel. Nos.: 9006514 / 9006780

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