Just a reminder, people! Greenhills Tiangge will be open by tomorrow, November 13, 2009. So if you are planning to do your Christmas shopping and if you frequent the place during this season, you may already do so!

We were there yesterday, since we tried to check out if the ‘tiangge’ was already open. Since it was still closed, we passed by Baker’s fair and we bought our favorite – Monggo Hopia. If you haven’t tried their Hopia, you are missing a lot!

Baker's Fair + Dice Monggo

A whole pack or tray of diced monggo hopia is at Php 70.00. They do sell them individually also at Php 3.50 a piece. They also have the circular hopia in monggo and ube. One tray of that variant is at Php 75.oo.

So go dash to Greenhills for Christmas shopping and christmas shopping snack to go with it! :)

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  1. u8mypinkcookies

    I think pao express is available in malls. parang I saw one in Market Market and SM MOA.

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    I saw this Greenhills. sayang I didn't enter to check it :(

  3. fiona ting


    Stumbled into your site.

    How about doing a feature on Pao Express' delicious siopao, the dough is especially different!

    • ej

      Hi Fiona! That sounds interesting. What about that dough? :) Where's Pao Express?


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