2-pc chicken meal

I’ve been waiting to try this new Jollibee dish eversince I saw the ads on TV and the posters being set up at a nearby Jollibee branch near our office. I finally got to try one last friday. The chicken and java rice combo is reminiscent of Aristocrat’s famous barbecue chicken or Reyes’ barbecue‘s (these two being owned by the same family if I am not mistaken).

solo meal

However, the similarity ends there. Although the chicken meat was tender and the skin was moist, the marinade used to flavor the chicken was reaaaallly sweet. Dipping it with the barbecue sauce made the chicken even sweeter. The whole dish was “nakakaumay”.

I’ve also been thinking that the chicken must have been cooked in a turbo broiler or even baked because it did not have the consistency and the char of a chicken that’s been barbecued. The java rice was so-so.

I had really high hopes for this dish but I’m sure that
this must still be at the testing stage and further improvements will still be done. For the meantime, I’ll have the old reliable Chickenjoy instead.

A 1-pc solo meal costs Php69 while the 2-pc solo meal is Php119. Add Php 20 to add drinks. What do you think about this dish? Is it a hit or miss?

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