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Being on a low carb diet stops you from enjoying deserts. Then you feel like you want to just stop and eat all the ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and cakes that you want. So in an effort to find the best of both worlds, I explored the world of sugar-free treats and deserts.

I have tried different kinds of sugar-free cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. but this cookie is my favorite. I would jump for joy when I see them at the Baker’s fair in Rockwell.

The Crukitchen (Classic Recipes Unlimited) has the answer to your cravings for sweet things when you are on a diet. I highly recommend the Sugar Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies at Php 200.


It is delish and it tastes like the real thing. What I love about it are the huge chunks of chocolate embedded on the cookie. When taking a bit, you’d feel your teeth biting on a half of a piece of chocolate! It has around two to three pieces of this chunky chocolate in the cookie.


The price list:

Where to find them:
They’re regulars in Rockwell Powerplant’s Baker’s Fair. :)

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  1. u8mypinkcookies

    tried their cinnamon roll before. I bought it in their stall in SM Makati weekend market.


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