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I’ve always been an actively physical person. At 5, I was taking ballet, jazz, and tap lessons. When I got to 11, I started going to the gym. At 13, I started joining countless aerobic marathons and 10Ks. Now, I still run in the mornings and practice yoga in the evenings. You’d think losing weight won’t be a problem but you’ll be mistaken. Since January, I’ve been stuck at137 lbs.

So last month, I decided that I had to do something else in order to break that plateau. I read about different diets and came across the Sexy Chef diet online. I have heard about this before and have seen their little store in Gold’s Gym. They make meals following the South Beach Diet which has three phases. Phase 1 is two weeks and Phase 2 is another two weeks. I don’t think they have a formal Phase 3 since this phase is actually maintenance. Their meals are at Php 875 a day.

So I started with 137lbs and went through both Phase 1 and 2. They delivered 5 meals a day – I had breakfast, that normally was cheese omelette, or vegetable omelette or boneless bangus or corned beef with one hard boiled egg.


Lunch and dinner were delicious considering this was supposed to be a diet! Talk about gourmet, everything was well prepared although portions are, as expected, small. Fortunately, small they may be, the dishes were quite filling. I loved the Shrimp in garlic sauce (gambas). I also love the huge meatballs with cheese inside! They also sent me salad at times but salad was mainly composed of lettuce and cucumbers, but the sauces were always so good! Sample daily menu can be found here.

I also had a mid-am and mid-pm snack. Phase 1 was the hardest since I was not allowed to eat fruits even. Snacks for me that time consisted of Jello or peanuts or cashew nuts.

In Phase 2, they slowly introduced carbs, like whole wheat bread and brown rice. They also started giving desserts like apples, food for the gods, choco chip cookies.


Anyway, I am not on the diet anymore but right now, I weigh 131lbs. I guess it’s quite noticeable, since people have been telling me I have lost weight. I never knew 6 lbs could be noticeable (since probably i’ve never really lost that much :) haha! I am maintaining the weight now and I plan to go on Phase 1 again on September, just before the wedding, and hopefully I’ll lose another 6 lbs.

So brides to be or just those who want to break the plateau, try Sexy Chef. It’s the diet that doesn’t feel like torture!

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Mobile nos.: 09177992433
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