Nothing spectacular…

I personally love mangoes.  So these kiosks that have been popping up everywhere are welcome additions to the usual mallscape.  I tried their (large) Mango Sago – which is made of sago (tapioca), slices of mango/mango cubes, ice, and sugar water.

The mangoes seemed to have been “forced to ripen” (in tagalog: hinog sa pilit or kinalburo).  And as “forced” mangoes go, they’re more sour than sweet.

This is where the sugar water comes in.  If the mangoes were ripe enough, the sugar water would be redundant.  But they weren’t so the sugar water is essential.

The sago was well cooked — just chewy enough and enjoyable.

They ran out of the normal cup so the mango farmer (what do you call him?) used a large shake/juice paper tumbler.  He filled it up with lots of ice, sugar water, and the normal amount of sago & mango.

Nothing spectacular.


From Came (10 years old):

The mango sago is yummy!
Tell them not to put many sugar or else you might have diabeties.

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