it’s still there for a good reason…

It’s hard to stick to my mostly-vegetarian diet. Personally, i’m not aspiring to be a vegan, it’s more for health reasons. It’s a great thing that a lot of the restaurants now have salads and really great ones at that.

Last Saturday, we had dinner at Kulinarya with the entire family. It was a good opportunity for us to blog about it since we ordered a lot of dishes. Kulinarya is one of my family’s favorite restaurants when we go to Rockwell.

I had the Gravlax Salad (P280). Boy, was I awed by the presentation. I always like how they present the food here. They always look so appetizing! Gravlax Salad is a salad with Norwegian salmon served with a bouquet of mixed greens. It’s served as a deconstructed salad — the greens were inside a nice “stand” made from a cucumber, with the 3 dressings placed on 3 separate edges of the plate (aoili dressing, wasabi vinaigrette and dill mustard). If you like the flavors of raw fish ala sushi or sashimi, this is the perfect salad for you. It brought the unique flavors of Japanese raw food with a modern twist.

Gravlax Salad (P280)

EJ had Crab & Mango salad (P200 single / P320 shared). Its dressing is a mixture of mayo, cilantro, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. The entire feel of the dish can be described in two words – “fresh and summer”. I like how the sauce was not too heavy and complemented the crab and the mango well.

Crab & Mango salad (P200 single / P320 shared)

My mom had the Grilled Asian Salmon (P380) and my sister had the Grilled Boneless Chicken (P260). I usually order these dishes when we eat here (I love the grilled chicken here). Both the chicken and the salmon were not over cooked. I also love the sauce of the grilled chicken — slightly sweet and not too overpowering. The salmon is always soft and fresh.

Grilled Asian Salmon (P380) / Grilled Boneless Chicken (P260)

Dad, as usual ordered baby back ribs (P280).

Kulinarya’s pride & joy is their Salpicao & Rice (P380). The beef is cooked very well. It’s tender and melts in your mouth. They place just the right amount of garlic to give it that salpicao taste without relying on the garlic as the main source of taste. I highly recommend this.

Salpicao & Rice (P380)

Other dishes that we ordered were the Grilled Hamburger (P150), which was okay but not memorable, and the Beef Tenderloin (P440).

Grilled Hamburger (P150) / Beef Tenderloin (P440)

It’s a bit pricey so it’s not somewhere you go to daily, but it’s good for the regular dinner-outs with friends and family.

While other restaurants in Powerplant have closed, Kulinarya has remained strong & open. It’s no fluke — it’s just that good. Try it out!

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