Comparative Analysis of Yogurt Places in Metro Manila

I am so formal. Comparative analysis sounds like i’m making a marketing plan… haha! Anyway, we decided that for our next post, we will compare the different yogurt places in the metropolis.

California Berry
Silver City, Pasig City / Paseo Center, Makati / Certain Schools

This store set us on our way to exploring the world of yogurt! Since it was situated near where I lived, it was convenient for me to stop by and purchase from the store. It is located inside Silver City, which makes it hidden from those visiting the area (or even Silver City). There are no signs outside to even indicate its presence.

I used to like the yogurt here. They used to place a substantial amount of toppings, but recently, they have lessened the servings of the toppings.

Prices are as follows: Small at Php 60, Medium at 85 and Large at Php 115. There is an additional charge of Php 20 per topping for the small size. If you order the medium with 3 topping, it costs Php 115 and if you order the large with 3 toppings, it costs Php 145.

Recommended toppings: Almonds, Choco chips and almond clusters or Choco chips, Almonds and Marshmallows with Choco syrup

Red Mango
2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall / 1st Floor Megamall A

During our first visit to Red Mango, we were disappointed with regards to the amount of the toppings. One our second visit, I must admit that they increased the servings. But in terms of service of their staff, they have very unattentive servers. I thought this was only true for their branch in Eastwood, but when we visited Megamall, we experienced the same thing. The table that we sat on was not cleaned. We called a server to help us clean the table, but until we finished our order, the server never came.

The yogurt though was good. I ordered the yogurt with choco chips and almonds. I like that combination.

Lulu Belle
4th Floor Power Plant Mall (near Cibo)

You have a choice of having ice cream or yogurt as base. Serving then can be in a cup or as smoothie. If in a cup, you can add toppings to your dessert. I orders a base of the natural yogurt with Choco Balls and Almonds (I love almonds!). The amount of toppings is less than Yohgurt Froz, about as much as California Berry.

Nothing really sets this yogurt apart from the others in terms of taste, but the service does make a difference. The attention to cleanliness of the owner who’s usually there is much appreciated by their customers.

Prices are as follows: Small at Php 80 and Big at Php 120.Toppings are at an additional price of Php 15 to 30 pesos depending on the toppings that you choose. They also sell three kinds of yogurt: Natural, Flavored or sugar free. Ice Cream per scoop is at: Php 70 for Gourmet or Sorbet flavors and Php 80 for FIC Lites. Smoothies costs Php 120 to Php 190 pesos.

Yo Swirls

4th Floor Shangri-la Edsa Mall

When we went to Yo Swirls in Edsa Shangri-la Mall, we were surprised since even if it wasn’t set up yet, there were a lot of passerby’s stopping and ordering.

For the yogurt flavor, customers had three choices: chocolate, vanilla or a natural base. The base was sold at Php 75 and toppings ranged from Php 25 – Php 35. I noticed that their toppings were a little bit bigger and chunkier than the usual.

The chocolate and vanilla based yogurt gives EJ, who has a sweet tooth, what he’s looking for. The natural base is pretty good – not too sour. Decent selection of toppings also guarantees that you can create different flavor combinations. The attendants are also nice and friendly. The servings, however, were just too small for me — and they only have one size, which is good for people on a diet.

3rd Floor The Podium, Ortigas / 2nd Floor SM Megamall Bldg A

Yogurbud was the simplest of all yogurt stores: It had very few choices for toppings and these were just fruits. There was no sight of chocolate toppings or other fancy toppings. Which is unacceptable considering their competition. They also sold bread to go with the yogurt. For Filipinos, I know we have the pandesal and the dirty ice cream, but I’m not so sure how well that goes with yogurt…

Yoh-gurt Froz
Most of the Hobbes and Landes stores

Most Hobbes and Landes stores also serve yogurt in their play area — Yoh-gurt Froz.

What I love about Yoh-gurt Froz is that they do not skimp on the toppings, which are pretty good quality toppings to start with. I especially like the choco balls! The yogurt base also has the perfect combination of sweet & sour which satisfies both the sweet-toothed and sour-toothed (is there such a term?) alike.

The small sized yogurt is at 80 pesos and the large sized is at 110 pesos. The toppings is at 40 pesos for 3 toppings. There are so many choices of toppings, including syrup. Very reasonably priced yogurt – surprising since it’s found in an expensive store. :)

WINNER: Yoh-gurt Froz! The taste of the yogurt, the quality & generosity of the toppings, and the reasonable prices all add-up to set this yogurt apart. Get out of the Manila heat — get some yogurt!

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