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I never liked anything chocolate that has mint. I never liked After Eights and even Andes chocolates with mint. The only time I liked it when I tried the Choco Mint flavor of Big Scoop ice cream when I ordered it in Sicilian (Meralco Avenue). I got addicted to it and thought it would never be surpassed by anything else.

I was wrong. During our usual strolls in Power Plant Mall, we ordered FIC for us to eat while walking. Ej ordered Cheese and I ordered the Choco Mint with Raspberry Ripple flavor. Much to my surprise, I liked it. I liked it even more than I liked Big Scoop. I like the texture of the choco chips against the smooth rich minty ice cream.

Ej ordered Cheese and it captured the taste very well. Strangely, it somehow left a warm feeling in the mouth.

Fruits in Ice Cream is not as rich and luxurious as Sebastian’s but it does offer more flavors (including some sugar-free ones) at a much cheaper price. I highly recommend this.

Recommended flavors: Choco Mint with Raspberry Ripple, Cookies and Cream, Pistachio. But all the flavors are pretty good — try out the other ones. :)

Locations: Most malls (Powerplant, Fort Strip, Robinson’s Galleria, etc etc etc)

– CAPPUCCINO with REAL coffee extract
– GREEN TEA with natural green tea extract from REAL green tea leaves of Japan
– Premium MANGO Ice Cream contains high levels of our own Philippine Carabao mangoes in three forms; mango puree, mango cubes and sweetened mango sauce

– Raspberry Rapture
– Butter Caramel Cookie
– Choco Mint with Raspberry Ripple
– Pistachio

– Tsokonut
– Manga’t Suman
– Queso

There are some more flavors but we can’t find an exhaustive list anywhere. :)

Their website:

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