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If you want to stay healthy in today’s world, you’ll surely either die of a heart attack after seeing the price of healthy organic food or vomit since most of what you’re supposed to eat have to be FORCED into you. You then veer away from your goal of trying to be fit and healthy and just grab a bag of chips. End of story… until you find yourself trying again.

Well, we found a new healthier alternative to pizza, chips, cake and fried food — Cerealicious. They serve different combinations of cereals, around 27 mixtures. They also offer oatmeal, milkshakes, frozen bananas, crepes, and ice cream liners. They also just launched their yogurt shakes.

What I like about Cerealicious is the concept of the names of the menu offerings. They are named after famous movies.

My favorite is The K afer Tommorow (Special K, Mango, Granola). EJ’s favorite is Apple-O 13 (Fitnesse, Apple, Almond, Cinammon). We also order the Banana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Special K, Banana, Raisins), Jumango (Cornflakes, Mango, Honey Crumble), and Frootloose (Froot Loops, Apple, Banana).

For the lucky out there who are already healthy, they also have other “less healthy” but just as yummy combinations available such as the About A-hoy (Coco Pops, Chips Ahoy, Choco Kisses).

What I love about this little kiosk is that they always have very generous servings. You don’t feel like their scrimping on the fruits that they serve. The milk that they serve is also shaken/whipped (not sure), providing a nice frothy uniquely tasteful base for the cereal.

I also got to try their oatmeal. It didn’t taste like any instant oatmeal that I’ve eaten. It’s thicker, not as sweet as the instant (just right), and it comes in different flavors.

Addictive, healthy, and affordable — Cerealicious has a growing following and it’s no mystery why.

Locations: UST; UA&P; Animo, DLSU; St Scho College, Manila; First Strip, Mendiola; FEU-East Asia Cafe; JRL Foodcourt, UE Gastambide; Poveda; La Salle Greenhills; Theater Mall, Greenhills; De La Salle Zobel; Southville Int’l School; Alabang Town Center; Ateneo de Davao; SM Baguio; SM Iloilo; SM Lipa; SM Pampanga; Kenmore Bldg, Angeles; Robinson’s Place Ermita; 4/L Robinson’s Galleria; Robinson’s JG Summit, Makati; Station 2, Boracay; St Luke’s Medical Ctr

Wikipedia – Cerealicious

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4 Responses

  1. aubrey jean fesalbon

    yes, they still franchise… but i don't think it's still at P300,000… :-( dami na nila branches… i'm happy for them… :-) anlayo ng nearest Cerealicious dito… sa Cebu pa… miss ko na talaga yan… have you seen the Cerelicious pages on FB? ang cute… dami photos… hehehe…

  2. ginger

    Haha! yes, this is in Galleria :) as you can see, this is the place I frequent after a workout! I love the milk, as well!

    Do they still franchise kaya? I'm actually thinking of a small business that we can franchise :)

    Thanks for the comment, aubrey!

  3. aubrey jean fesalbon

    haha, i think i know this… this is in Robinson's Galleria right??? this cerealicious branch is not that big, but it's really comfortable there… brings back a lot of memories… and i love the concept of cereals-turned-blockbuster movies, hahahaha! saktong katabi pa ng theaters ng Rob Galle!

    i had my first taste of Cerealicious back in 2006 in its first store: UST. and the first thing i thought of it was "CREATIVE." the taste and the variants are exquisitely made… it was addictive. i used to go there once a week just to try each of their creations in blockbuster size! wooohooo! back then, it's only 65pesos already topped with a small ice cream scoop… now it's kind of pricey…

    i asked about the franchise, and in 2006 it was P300,000… :-|

    and, oh, about the milk, i think it's blended until frothy then stored in the freezer (but not left there to solidify), and when an order comes, they just bring it out again and blend, creating a frothier milk base.

    Cerealicious = defined as my best comfort food during my stressful days in Ortigas, and it made my days then. :-D More power to Cerealicious! :-D


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