…experience was so-so, saved by the friendly server & manager

M & G had lunch at TGIFriday in TMorato about two days ago, but Tokyo Cafe was full & I was tired of walking in MOA. Friday’s was near & so in we went.

Asked to be reseated as our table was near the kitchen door & almost beside a door where hot humid air blew in every time it was opened. Servers were attentive & friendly.

Our orders:

1. Fried Mozzarella – with salsa dip as appetizer

Really sounds unhealthy (fried cheese) but the 4 piece order arrived quickly & was it worth the high cholesterol risk? No, it was no different than if you ordered the same from any other place, nothing unique.

2. For M – Chicken club sandwich

OK, no complaint heard. All fries eaten, 2 quarters of the sandwich into the t0-go-bag.

3. For G – Cheesy bacon cheeseburger

One of the old stand-by orders when you don’t like anything else in the menu. Quite a mouthful, G was not able to finish the burger. No complaints here.

4. For Moi – Jack Championship BBQ Porkchop

Picture in menu looked mouth watering-ly good. Came as promised and the problem begins. There was a generous serving of rice pilaf & two halves of a “slim” corn on the cob, so far, so good. The pork chop was “very well done”, but not in the good sense. “Very well done” as it was near to being toasted. The pork was very dry & was gritty as if the burned portions have turned to charcoal. Had to scrape the charred top to get to the pork. Ate a little bit & just took some rice & the corn.

The server, as part of their routine, asked & was told of the problem, she offered to replace it. The manager, BING, also came & made the same offer and added that she will give me a bowl of soup while waiting. Politely said no to the offer as I did not expect any real improvement. Will they now under cook it? How will they cook it? No thanks.

5. Friday’s Sundae

As the menu says ” hearty scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel sauce, nuts, whipped cream & topped with cherry.” arrived as described. (Where did saturdae go?)

6. Total Bill p1,721.00 (includes soda)

Bing, the manager, did not include in the bill the “pork chop.” Nice gesture.

But alas, another thing. Saw a waiter refill the ice tea dispenser by pouring tea from a red pail which to say the least appeared more at home on the floor of the kitchen or bathroom & should not be used for what is was being used. Even had a black electrical tape running at its side. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Over-all the experience was so-so, saved by the friendly server & manager.

But I was still hungry & that means, I still have to eat…..

Where to go in MOA?

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