Run for the Runny Burger

Stackers is the new restaurant in Eastwood City Walk. It is located where Go Nuts Donuts used to be. EJ and I are usually at Eastwood in the weekends and when we pass this place, it is usually full.

The restaurant is well lighted and has a seating capacity of 25 people (around 35 if including the seats outside). The menu is 85% composed of choices of hamburgers, 10% other dishes (fried chicken, salad and side dishes) and 5% drinks. It’s target market are teenagers to young professionals.

The burger meals are quite affordable (actually a little cheaper than Brother’s Burger).

EJ ordered the Jack’s Burger. It was a single patty burger with bacon, mushrooms, lettuce and melted cheese. He mentioned that he found it quite bland, but I thought it was quite decent. The Jack’s Burger was sold at Php 225.00.

I ordered the Runny Burger. It was a single patty burger, as well, but my burger had a unique “chili con carne” sauce. I thought it was pretty good. The sauce did not overpower the taste of the burger. For the buns though, I still prefer the ones used by Brother’s Burger. The Runny burger was priced at Php 160.00.

We ordered the additional fries and softdrinks for 60 pesos (75 pesos if with iced tea). The drink came in a really small glass. I liked the fries though. They were thick but servings were small — the container was just as small as the glass.

The service was a little bit slow. The servers seemed not to be used to serving a lot of people. There were a lot of mixed up orders. They initially gave us 7-up instead of the Coke Zero we ordered. Also, they gave us the wrong burger and, to top it all off, the wrong bill. They seemed lost. I guess it’s because it is a new store. Hope they get better soon.

If you’re planning to visit, make sure you have the Runny Burger and lots of patience!

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  1. Ivy

    Same with Bob, I've been going to STackers at Esatwood for several months now and they have been consistently slow in service and sometimes, some of our orders do not arrive at all anymore. Tonight was the last straw, my colleagues and I went to Eastwood for a quick lunch around 2 am (we work in a call center), when we got there, I immediately entered the store as we were pressed for time and wanted to place our orders as soon as possible, knowing it might take some time. As we were about to take the long table, we were stopped rudely by the gay waiter, signalling taht we shouldn't go to the table, so I asked why, is it reserved? He said the floor was wet. So I was thinking, ok, let's be careful and started to walk towards the table again but gaain he stopped us from afar, and said, "basa". So I asked, "hindi ba pwede dito?" The restaurant was full at that time and we were waiting for an answer form him but he has turned away from us. That put me in high gear and I loudly told my colleagues that we're leaving. Nobody made a move to stop us and when we got outside, I was so frustrated so I wnet back and asked for the manager. I told Vence, the manager-on-duty about my complaint and left. Later, I decided to call the hotline, and it turned out that the call is being routed to their Eastwood branch. The gay waiter Moymoy was the one who took the call. I asked for their Head Office's contact info but they refused to give it to me. I am still searching for a contact no. so I can finally file a complaint.

  2. bob

    I have been a fan of stackers eastwood since it started in eastwood, but my fondness has turned into frustration tonight. I ordered big brekkie @ 1am and asked the waiter to deliver coffee earlier since i know that the meal is available at 2. No coffee came… So I thought they’ll just serve it with the meal. I followed up the meal and started to order 10 minutes before 2am. I was the one who approached the chef to explain my preferences since the waiter was too slow to understand all of what I said. The coffee arrived 10 minutes before the food. Then now they are telling me that it’s a separate order and will be giving me the coffee that goes with the meal later. Do they want to overdose me with caffeine? Is this a new marketing ploy to boost their sales? Well it’s so not working… They just lost one loyal customer this day… I won’t return to Stackers again…


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