Sunday found me and Dan at one of our old reliables, which to us means cheap good food! We’ve been coming to HotRocks in Libis for several years and has always been a good place to come for
a fast steak fix.

HotRocks has two floors, the first is airconditioned and houses the place’s wall of fame.

The second floor is al fresco and is also the smoking area.

manilareviews: hotrocks

Their wall of fame, where the famous sign on HotRocks plates :)

part of their wall of fame

That’s Pacquiao you know


Hotrocks serves unpretentious grilled steak that is, steak plus rice and that’s it! You can choose the doneness of your steak though and if you’d want a regular or a large cut.

Hotrocks has since expanded their menu to include pizzas, salads and pinoy staples like kare-kare, salmon belly sinigang, etc and burgers.

For me and the hubs, our usual order would start with two to four sticks of Tenga (Pig Ears) from the Pinoy Barbecue menu, we always order them extra crispy. For drinks, we’d always order a pitcher of green iced tea or neon green tea in this case.

Crispy Tenga

more crispy tenga

Green Iced Tea


I usually just order the regular cut of their steak but the waitress informed us that every sunday lunch, the large cuts at HotRocks are 20 percent off!! so two large medium well T-Bones were ordered for our table.

Medium well

medium well tbone

The steaks came in two white plates with popsicle sticks. They were grilled just right with the right kind of char.

We finished our plates and our pitcher of green tea full and satisfied. Cheap and predictable, we’ll be coming back very very soon.

Club 650 E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City
Remember! Large cuts of steaks are 20% off every Sunday Lunch!!

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  1. jay de gula

    what happen to hot rocks? for renovation or closed already? do you have other branch…….

  2. diego cantos

    hot rocks' amazing…hope they put up a branch near banawe area. i wonder if they franchise their resto.


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