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  1. elmer cabus
    Feb 10 - 10:52 pm

    There’s a theory that tarot readers have a way to claim ones good vibes after reading your future , pag panget, they will let them as they are, pag maganda , may powers sila na ma-drain from the lucky person yung good vibes . Beware!

  2. shyne24
    Jul 23 - 4:20 am

    i juz have a heartbroken yesterday and my friend told that she have tried the da seekers cove so i went there and try it. it came out true but im not really sure it will happen in the future though. i want to go back and to find out more about my ex boyfriend :(

  3. ginger
    Jun 15 - 10:32 pm

    Really? Wow! That's so cool! :) Let us know if they allowed you.

  4. Shailini Ramos
    Jun 15 - 11:04 am

    I tried this back home in 2007. At first, I didn’t believe because the one who actually made the tarot reading was a lady telling me that she is not even a psychic. That she just studied how to read tarot card. The senior psychic reader is not available. So, how can you expect me to believe her readings. That time I have no clue about my future. All her reading was kinda unbelievable. I didn’t even paid attention to some of her readings, You won’t believe, all her reading came true. Now, I am even recommending them to my friends here in US. I wanted to even try to have the readings over the phone since it has been 3 years now. I hope they allow reading over the phone. Have to inquire to them first.

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