My wedding’s on October and, boy, it’s so hard to lose weight, especially when you’re faced with pizza and fried chicken for lunch meetings! Thank God that this week, EJ and I made an effort to leave work earlier than usual (which we actually got to do) and do yoga and work out. But of course, we also wanted to try to watch what we ate.

It’s a good thing that we have Kenny Rogers and now Kenny’s Roast and Grill (a variant of Kenny Rogers located in Power Plant, Rockwell). I should suggest that we order more of Kenny Rogers for office meetings. #1, it’s cheap and gives you value for your money and #2, it’s healthy. I’m quite surprised that nowadays, young executives, even younger than me are suffering serious heart problems, diabetes, and sometimes even the big C!

I normally order solo A (with the 1/4 roast chicken, 1 cup steamed rice, 1 regular side dish and 1 corn muffin for dessert) at Php 145.00 or if i eat in the evenings after working out, I order the half chicken at Php 195.00. I’m not a ‘rice’ person so the ‘chicken only’ is fine by me. The price is very reasonable and you’ll feel full after! I love the way they grill the chicken. The chicken is still juicy yet some of the outer parts are even a little crispy. Even if it’s roasted, the chicken does not lose it’s taste.

I also love the side dishes. EJ loves the corn and carrots. I like the steamed vegetables. You can also try the cheese and garlic potato. Or for the more indulgent, mac & cheese. Side dishes are at Php 40.00 for the regular sized container and Php 60.00 for the large sized order.

Another must try is the Kenny Roger’s Grilled Sausage. Personally, I never liked hotdogs, but when I tried this dish, I kept craving for it. The sausage was not too salty. The sauce had a tangy yet sweet taste. It was very addictive!

Delivery number: 533-8888

A variant is the Kenny’s Roast and Grill. This is more like a restaurant version of Kenny Roger’s. There were other dishes included in the menu and the prices were a tad more expensive than the original fast food places.

I ordered the Grilled Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella sandwich (although this is available as well in the fast food version). Of course instead of the fries that came along with it at Roaster’s, it came with thinly cut and fried potato chips (which I prefer).

Ej ordered the Angus Beef Burger. The burger was pretty good, but the veggies (the lettuce) was too bitter. The burger was grilled well, not burnt, not undercooked. It wasn’t dry and it was still juicy. The food choices were also as healthy as the food choices in Roaster’s.

The waiters in both places were very attentive. I like the ambiance though of Roast and Grill. It gave me a weird feeling since it was classier than Roaster’s, which I was used to – plus it was cleaner!

A lot of healthy food also cost too much, but at least with Kenny Roger’s, you can ‘not’ worry about your weight and ‘not’ worry about your budget.

Do visit the basement of Power plant, Rockwell for Kenny’s Roast and Grill. Try it out – it gave me a weird, yet pleasant feeling to be in a place so familiar yet so new :)

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  1. romeo avila

     I have been eating from your mega mall and other sm outlets, my wife always insist tht we eat in your restaurant.  When we are in Cavite, however, there is no Kenny Rogers around.  May I suggest you establish your branch in dasmariñas City, cavite.  Site offer:  1,169 sqm along the national highway, stone throw from city proper, offered t p16,000 per square meter net to owner. I hope I will not stay late in manial just o pass by sm branches.of kenny rogers

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    love it here. I usually get the tomato-mozzarella-pesto grilled sandwich + fries or cheeseburger!! :D love it. when i order the chicken, I get the Solo A with steamed veggies as siding.

    • ej

      pareho kayo ni wifey — puro gulay ang sandwich! hehe :D but yeah, they are pretty tasty. well worth a try!


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