Sunday is “south day” for my little brood. Before noon, we headed down to Tahanan Village for a day of eating and watching dvds. Last Sunday, no one had any new dvds on hand so we decided on the next best thing, to eat the whole day instead!

We learned about Elfav (short for el favorito, one of the pioneers of pinoy ice cream) ice creamery from our cousin Ate Lea. She actually told us of a good steak place for 99 pesos and the ice cream was just a side story. I was more interested in the ice cream because of a particular flavor she mentioned — beer!

After David dozed off for his afternoon siesta, we went to Pergola Mall in BF and went up to the 2nd floor where ElFav was. It was such a cute store with the white boards and the summery decors. It was a real perfect stop in a midst of a hot day. The tables all had all sorts of games for people to play with. We had “sunka”. Dan had a chess set for a table and we also had a Snakes and Ladders board. it was fun for the kids and for the grown ups, as well. I’ve forgotten the rules for sunka though, basta ikot lang kami ng ikot dun sa sunkaan…hehe.

sunkaan and snakes and ladders


The first flavor I tried was beer. It really tasted like beer. It was weird because it was beer and milk! It was good but wrong at the same time. I had to stop myself from ordering a pint!

wasabi ice crea, bubblegum

*image: wasabi, bubblegum make up a long list of flavors at elfav!

The place also serves merienda fare and steak. Kasi after lunch na, I ordered the kiddie not-so-sweet spaghetti. Dan ordered the t-bone steak with rice and buttered vegetables…oo for merienda. My husband is a growing boy. The spaghetti was “bleh”. Its saving grace was the two tiny pieces of bread that it came with which tasted like soft biscocho. The spaghetti was not only not so sweet but not so tasty. It didn’t have cheese too which is a must for my spaghetti. The sauce also tasted like watered down spaghetti sauce. For 90 pesos, i could have had a more filling spaghetti at Jollibee.

Dan’s T-bone steak was another story altogether. Although the meat was veeery thinly sliced (for 90 pesos nga lang naman kasi) it was very tasty and the gravy was delicious. It was a good enough lunch (or merienda) that would not punch a hole in your budget.

merienda at elfav

All the meals we ordered came with a shot of ice cream or a sampler as they called it there. I got the malunggay ice cream. When I had it, Dan and I looked at each other and said out loud, “dapat may ganito nung nag-b-breast feed ako/ka” weh weh weh….the verdict….it was, to quote a friend, “refreshing!” It tasted like green tea but with leaves. It was mild and sweet and did not leave any aftertaste. It was a really pleasant surprise, and no I didn’t crave for tinola while I was eating it. I finished my sampler right away.

Dan of course had the Yakult sampler and had his load of lactobacilli shirota strain for the day. Our cousins ordered a banana split but with popcorn ice cream. The ice cream tasted like popcorn,buttered popcorn pa ha.

elfav malunggay and yakult

*image: malunggay and yakult

Tasting the different flavors of the ice cream gave a weird yet familiar sensation. If you’re in for a foodie adventure, this place is a good start. At least you know that the only thing you’ll get here is an ice cream headache.

One scoop of ice cream is 40 pesos. The place has free wi-fi too. Prepare to spend at least 200 pesos for a merienda meal and soda. All meals come with ice cream samplers.

Contact Details:

2nd Floor Pergola Mall
BF Homes Commercial Center
Paranaque City

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