One word – Dissapointing!

3rd Level Megamall
6:14 PM, April 11, 2009

Gino had to return to our table twice as what we wanted were not available. There was no PANINI of any kind, no “spaghetti al pomodoro,” no “spaghetti alla bolognese,” no “vegetariana” (white pizza with artichoke hearts & arugula), no 1.5 liter diet sarsi. The store manager must have been wishing he was on a beach somewhere!!!

We ordered “mozzarella frito”(cheese logs with tangy pomodor sauce), salsicce italiana (italian sausage), prosciutto e funghi (pizza w/ mushrooms & prosciutto), spaghetti carbonara, 1.5 liter coke light. Total bill P890.

The pizza was soggy, the Italian saugsage tasted like what I had one week ago, i think it was vigan longanisa. Spaghetti was OK. Over-all, the food was not worth the amount paid.

Never got to eat at the original “Don Bosco” place & people kept saying then that it had great food. Maybe something was “lost in translation” when it became “commercialized.”

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