Date: March 2, 2005
Time: 8:30 pm

Food was still OK but service was disappointingly poor

Food was still OK but service was disappointingly poor. It was a Wednesday evening and the place had only few empty tables. The waiters & servers looked a bit overwhelmed.

The appetizers had to be followed up twice. The onion rings and the cheese fries were alright though the fries were obviously much fewer than before. They did not increase prices but they served smaller orders

The soup came with no spoons and requests for extra soup bowls had to be done twice, again. Then, after about 10 minutes after placing our orders for entrees, the waiter came back to say that they have run out of pork loins, one of the orders. It took them that long? So the change meant more minutes waiting.

Refills for drinks had to be requested.

It wasn’t this way before. Maybe, there was an unusually large crowd for Wednesday?

Total bill – P4,759.32.

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