Date: March 25, 2005
Time: 1:00 pm

…Ho hum…

A beautiful view of Taal Lake & Volcano.

Food was OK and were served all at the same time. This was great except that a 2nd order for fried rice took follow ups with 4 different waiters and came very late.

As a stop over, you can do better but on the other hand, there is that great view. Thank God for that!

Total bill – P2,022. 90 for 5 people

The view was great. But the service was terrible. The waiters were not friendly and service was very slow.

The bulalo was excellent — gumuguhit ang sebo. The tawilis was fried just right. But, frankly, you would get the same quality of food elsewhere.

Unless the food is exceptionally exquisite, the service is really the deciding factor for me. If up to me, I probably won’t come back.

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